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How to show duty type automatically on 727H?
No. S00307005-EN

Serial NO.: S00307005-EN

Date of Editing: 2011-07-12


Execute 701 Server and select “setting” then select “Time attendance”
Select record type from “Time Attendance Base On “
a.    Work Time (First and Last Records) – Take every employees’ first and last records as “Duty on” and “Duty off”
b.    Depend on (Duty Function Key) – The “Duty on” and “Duty off” records are base on the function key setting when employees flash card.
※ Notice: These two kinds of settings are incompatible, please setting right away after software installation.
Please select “Depend on” and then select Time zone setting Zone  under 701Client.
1.  Select ZONE “00” as fixed duty type value, you can set from Sunday to Saturday
2.    The LCD will show Duty on before Start time, the LCD will show Duty off between start time and end time, the LCD will show OVT after end time.
For example:
Setting start time as 09:00, end time as 18:00
It will show duty on before 09:00, show duty off between 09:00 ~ 18:00, show OVT after 18:00

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