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How to restore the formatted Mifare card to default setting?
No. S00401001-EN

Serial NO :S00401001-EN

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Questions : How to restore the formatted Mifare card to default setting?

Problem Solving :


  1. Put SIM card on the programmer AR-737P, select【Setup Device Key Buffer】, set KeyA as 00 , KeyB as 01.

  1. Select【From SIM/CIM/UIM >> Device Key】, Source Block select”16”, click”Execute” button. You will see 00/ 01 column are enabled at Device Key Status. Which means Key A/ KeyB write to Device Key already.

  1. Select【Stored in SIM/CIM/ UIM Data Block】, setup KEY A/KEY B in Dest. 18 as FFFFFFFFFFFF.

Select【Default (FF078069)】at Config(Tralier). Click【Execute】button.

  1. Select 【SIM/ CIM/UIM>>TMP Buffer】, select “18”at Source Block, select “18”at  Device

TMP Buffer. Click【Execute】button. TMP Buffer Status “00” block displays OK.

  1. Take off SIM card, and put LAM card on the programmer AR-737P. The card window displays LAM image then. Click【Format Media】button.

  1. Format new medium to LAM
    1. Used Sector(Formatted): Enable sector 0~15 except Sector 1.
    2. Source TMP xx : Select“0”at Sector 0~13; Select“1”at Sector 14~15.
    3. User key AB Type : Select key B at Sector 0~13;Select key A at Sector 14~15.
    4. User key at : Select 01 at Sector 0~13; Select 00 at Sector 14~15.
    5. Click【RUN】button to restore the factory setting.

Repeat the procedures above to finish the other formatted card.

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