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Installation methods and common installation errors of SOYAL magnetic locks
No. I004001-EN

Serial NO.: I004001-EN

Date of Editing:


The electromagnetic lock does not have a mechanical lock structure and relies entirely on its strong suction force to lock the door and achieve the purpose of locking. In areas that require frequent access control, the electromagnetic lock is the most durable, sturdy, and secure electric lock. However, to achieve 100% effectiveness, the following installation and usage principles must be followed:


1.The electromagnetic lock must be at a 90-degree right angle to the door frame. The magnetic lock can be installed horizontally or vertically on the door frame, but regardless of orientation, it must be at a 90-degree right angle to the door frame to exert maximum pulling force with the suction plate.


2.The magnetic lock and suction plate, regardless of being installed on any door, exposed or embedded, their forces should be facing each other in a straight line for the suction force to reach 100%.


3.The magnetic lock must be indoors, and the wiring must be hidden. If the door is inward-opening, the electromagnetic lock needs to be additionally equipped with an LZ or Z-shaped auxiliary bracket. The magnetic lock is installed indoors because it poses a security risk when exposed outside. Wiring installation is best hidden in the door frame for safety.


4.If the suction plate and the magnetic lock suction surface are not aligned, not only will the suction force be affected, but the magnetic spring inside the magnetic lock will also be unable to detect whether the door is closed and locked correctly.

5.If there is even a slight gap between the magnetic lock and the suction plate when locked, the suction force will be greatly affected. Therefore, when fixing the suction plate to the door, a rubber gasket must be added to provide a fine-tuning function for the suction plate, ensuring there is no gap between it and the magnetic lock's


6.Connection of the magnetic lock and the relay. The magnetic lock is a power-off door opener, so the power circuit of the electromagnetic lock should be connected to the N.C. contact point of the card reader relay.

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