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Why AR-323D keep beeping always after close the door?
No. T005004-EN

Serial NO. : T005004-EN

Date of Editing : 2012-08-29

Questions :  Why AR-323D keep beeping always after close the door?

Problem Description:

Some customer may met the situation: when you go home , present valid card to open door and then close door ,  sometimes AR-323D will sound beeping always and can not stop. The situation is because AR-323D build-in door sensor function, if the door is not closed properly and the door sensor is not location properly, AR-323D will alert beeping to remind you to reclose door.

Problem Solving:

So for the user, how to know the door is closed properly or not?

Pls refer to below image, you can see the right close status is that all tongue as below red mark should be out completely , not be block or out partly.  You can try to reclose door or shake lock gently to make sure all tongue are out completely and close properly till AR-323D stop beep

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