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How to use "Duress Code" function on AR-727-H?
No. H00217011-EN

Serial NO. : H00217011-EN

Date of Editing : 2015-06-16

Questions :  How to use "Duress Code" function on AR-727-H?

Problem Solving :


Concept: About Duress Code  

Duress Code is a convert distress signal designed to be inputted in the event that an assailant or robber ambush you at the entrance and force you to open the door or disarm the system. This code will appear to disarm the system and let the door open, but it will also trigger a silent panic alert to the monitoring station or security guards that a potentially hostile intruder has entered this building, so that they could take appropriate action. Be sure to change the default 4-digit duress code in case that the villain knows it, recognizing you are actually signaling distress.

What is the difference of “Duress code” function on 727-H?

      Comparing with other SOYAL Controllers, 727H share the same TTL port for different function; while using “Duress Code” function, the first step is to adjust TTL port into “Duress Output” format, otherwise, if you only set up “Duress Code”, 727H will response it is invalid


Hardware Setting


Step1.  Change Terminal Port from Default 1. AR401RO16 to 4. Duress output

Quick Command is 5 4

5. Tools------> 4. Terminal Port ------> 4. Duress

Step2.  Set up 4-digit Duress Code, Default Duress code is 4321

Quick Command is 4 8

4. Parameter (2) ------> 8. Duress Code ------> Input New 4-digit Duress Code(default code 4321)

Wiring:  After Enable “Duress output” option, Yellow White Cable for Serial Port on Cable P4 can be used to connect one Duress Alarm Output as the following of wiring.



Go to test, when pressing “Duress Code”, the door relay will be triggered for open and Duress Alarm output will be triggered as well.

At the same time the software will receive two message; one message is for ***** (M21) Duress *****as help signal and another message is for (M11) Normal Access

But there is different information when set 727H as M8 mode or M4 mode


M8 mode: If directly pressing 4-digits Duress Code, the message will show only duress code 8564

M4 mode: the user can press 5-digit User address + 4-digit Duress Code or Present valid card + 4-digit Duress Code, the message will show detail User information as help signal

Therefore, if you will use "Duress Code" Function, 727H should be set as M4 mode or card & Pin Access Mode for M8 Mode


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