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DI/O application introduction on 716E and 716E-IO
No. H01617004-EN

Serial NO. :  H01617004-EN

Date of Editing : 2018-09-11

Questions :  DI/O application introduction on 716E and 716E-IO

Problem Solving :

AR-716E is built-in 4 DI/O and its extra board AR-716E-IO is built-in 8 DI/O.

Total 12 DI/O could be used to connect 12 input devices to trigger 12 output devices respectively.

We can also use SOYAL 701Client software to edit the name for each DI/O point, get DI/O status and also receive the event of DI On/Off status.

Wiring diagram

701Client Software Setting

On the menu bar, select Setting ---> Control Label

  1. Select Node ID of 716E
  2. Edit the name of 716E
  3. We can edit the name for built-in 4 DI/O on 716E and 8 DI/O on 716E-IO board.
  4. Click “Read”, we can get On/Off status for built-in 4 I/O on 716E
  5. Click “Save” to save the setting of name.

701Client report could receive the event of DI On/Off status with the name.

Note: if you would see the event of 8 DI On/Off on AR-716E-IO board, please upgrade the special firmware 716EV3_10V8 160422 EXTDILog.ISP; the standard 716E firmware can only receive the event of built-in 4 DI status on 716E

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