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701Client connection has been set to door group 001-008, why the card still only displays door number 001
No. S00315028-EN

Serial NO :S00315028-EN

Date of Editing : 2017-02-20

Questions : Why did the Transaction information only display 001 Door No.& Door Name while setting 001~008 Door No. & Door Group in 701Client?

Problem Solving :

There are 8 nos of 727H-V5 installed in a Company, we edit each device with a door name and also set up 8 door group (each door for each door group) as like the below picture shown.

The Employee Joyce was specifized to access Door Group 002 Office Entrance

But the transaciton display the door name of Company Entrance that belongs to Door Group1.


701Server → 82X Parameter Setting

  1. Select Correct Node ID
  2. Click “Read” to read Parameters from Device

Change Door Nr. to correct Door Nr. you want that need to be matched with Door Name → Click “Write” to update new change to device.

Test again, the transaction will display correct Door name of Office Entrance for Door Group1

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