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Setting and Manual for 701 Client Supports Multiple IP Cameras
No. S00315058-EN

Serial NO :S00315058-EN

Date of Editing : 2019-11-01

Questions : Setting and Manual for 701 Client Supports Multiple IP Cameras

Required/Applied Condition : 701 Server version 9.01 V1910XX and after to be compatible with 701 Client version [701ClientSetup901 191024.exe] and after

Function of 701 Client that support IP Camera:

  1. 701 Client support multiple IP Cameras
  2. Capture picture using IP Camera and saved it
  3. Upload picture to [User Card Edit] using captured picture by IP Camera
  4. Automatically capture user picture while enrolling (see Youtube Video for more information)

701 Client can connect UP TO 2 IP CAMERAS.

Problem Solving :

Use Regedit on your PC to edit and configure IP Camera that connects to 701 Client.

You need to set up ACCESS(Part 1), DOOR(Part 2), NODE(Part 3), and TITLE(Part4) value for this feature.

Lastly, you can capture user picture using IP Camera (Part 5) and upload it to 701 Client as user card edit’s user picture (Part 6).


Part 1. Create ACCESS (String Value)

If when you opened Regedit and IPCAM folder is not showed, you might need to create a new one.

Step 1. Go to HKEY-CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > 701 Client

Right click on 701Client and select [New] > [Key]. For example, I will create a new Value Folder and double click to rename it.

Step 2., After successfully create the [Key] and rename it into IPCAM0, right click and select [New] > select [String Value]