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701Server, 701Client data sharing?
No. S00201008-EN

Serial NO.: S00201008-EN

Date of Editing: 2008-11-25


First of all, please make sure that the server PC has both folders 701Server and 701Client shared on the network. In addition to that, please check if your PC has supported "NetBEUI" protocol.
In server PC:
1. Check if the server PC supports NetBEUI protocol.

2. Communication port on server PC sets to com 1 or selected com port.

3. Set both 701Server and 701Client as sharing folders by going to Program Files in server PC.

4. As a result, the transaction record will be also shown in the client PC.

In client PC:
5. Please make sure client PC supports NetBEUI Protocol.

6. Communication port sets to “Via Server Computer” so that server PC will authorise the access for client PC and click “Server Computer Path” for giving where the sharing folders locate on server PC. Uncheck “Polling Message From Controller.”

7. Run 701Client and select Project Files under Setting. Then direct Parameter and History path to server PC in where 701Server and 701Client sharing folders are located.

8. Shut down both 701Server and 701Client on client PC, and run the 701Server and 701Client on server PC before running 701Server and 701Client on client PC. Then the transaction will be shown as same as server PC's.


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