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How to set and trigger duress code for AR-716E + AR-721H?
No. S00203009-EN

Serial NO.: S00203009-EN

Date of Editing: 2011-08-29


Client requirement: 1. How to trigger the action of asking for help by duress code + flash card?
                2. How to trigger rigger the action of asking for help by user address + duress code?  

1. Please make sure the connection is normal for AR-716E and AR-721H

2. Execute 701Server and then click 716  and read node id 1

3. Click duress code, you can set 4 sets of duress code
   For example, to set one duress code: 8888 and then write

4. Execute 701Client, and then click Users to add one valid card
   a. Input User Address: xxxxx
   b. Input card number: xxxxx_xxxxx
   c. To select access mode: Card or PIN  
   d. Please save the setting parameter and then download to the controller. New card adding is complete.

5. How to trigger duress code?
  a. Flash card to trigger the action of asking for help: 8888 + flash card (Duress code + flash card)
  b. Enter PIN to trigger the action of asking for help: 00000 + 8888 + # (User address + duress code + Enter)
  c. Pleas see the diagram as below: You can see the duress message on 701Client

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