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Solution for monitoring the flow of peoples in Areas
No. S00315071_EN

Serial NO :S00315071-EN

Date of Editing : 2020-01-09

Questions : Solution for monitoring the flow of peoples in Areas

Problem Solving :

1. Application Description----> 2. Hardware Structure ----> 3.Upgrading Customized Firmware / Software ----> 4. Anti-pass back Settings ----> 5. Software Operation

1. Application description: The application is recommended for construction site management. The people need to use the valid card to get access at entrance and exit; the system can automatically count the total numbers of user inside and also timely report the name list of user inside.

2. Hardware Structure:

Preparing Multi-door Controller AR-716-E16 (old name AR-721E-V2), connect more than 2 units of RS485 readers to 485 port; we use 721H in this case as example.