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Why does the duty report show incorrect duty time more than 24:00 and how to solve?
No. S00303022-EN

Serial NO.: S00303022-EN

Date of Editing: 2019-07-31


• Problem Description:

Please see the below picture, the client got the incorrect duty time more than 24:00 on daily duty report.

• Problem Solving:
Method1: If the duty time on daily transaction report ( YYMMDD. msg file) is correct, but the time shown on daily duty report (YYMMDD.dut file) is incorrect, we can follow the below operation that import daily message file again on 701Server and then generate the new and correct duty report on 701Client.
For example, if the duty report of 20190528.dut is not correct, we demo how to import 20190528.msg file again and regenerate a correct20190528.dut
Step1: Delete the incorrect 20190528.dut from 701server installation path: C:\Program Files\701Server, cut 20190528.msg and paste to desktop.

Step2:  Run 701Server, click “Setting” and click “ Message Import”

Step3. Find 20190528.msg file from desktop we just copy from the path of C:\Program Files\701Server, then click “open”

Step4. Run 701Client, click 3 “Daily Transaction Record” icon, select 20190528.msg and click Open, the 20190528.msg is imported from Step3.

The result will be shown as below:

Step5. Click “4 Daily Time and Attendance Report” , we will see that a new 20190528.dut file has been generated , Click 20190528.dut and then click “open”

  The duty time will be correct in the new duty report.

Method2. If above Method 1 could not solve the problem, please check the employee’s duty time setting and Day Shift time.
If the employees who work cross midnight (for example, duty on 8:00pm and duty off 3:00am (next day), so the off duty time 3:00am (next day) will be set at 27:00 (24:00+3:00), then the daily duty report shown more than 24:00 Off time will be correct.
Note: You cannot set “Off duty time” to be 03:00, PC will recognize it is 03:00am today not next day.

On 70Server > Setting > Time Attendance, please remember to set “Duty Start Time” more than “off duty” time about 2hrs.
Note: Duty Start Time [Day Shift] is not On Duty Time. The employee’s real off time could not be late than Duty Start Time. If the employee left off late than Duty Start Time, their Off time on daily duty report will be missing and will be taken as On duty time shown on next day’s duty report.

Method3: SOYAL standard 701software don’t support 3-shift time, if the incorrect duty report is caused by 3-shift time, we suggest you to refer to the Q&A “S00310005-EN How to automatically export daily transaction report?” that can export daily raw transactions data to integrate with local attendance or salary software.


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